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High Note is an intensive five-level course for upper-secondary students that bridges the gap between school life and young adulthood.

Designed to inspire modern teenagers to reach their ambitious goals, the course equips them with language skills alongside the life and career competencies that are indispensable to succeed in exams, in the workplace and in their future lives.

High Note has been designed to inspire and challenge modern teenagers, enabling them to fulfil their ambitious goals.

A specially prepared Life Skills Development Programme develops the types of skills that are needed to succeed at school and improve students’ employability prospects.

They include:
    academic and career-related skills (e.g. giving presentations, debating, using online resources for school projects, planning a future career)
    social skills (e.g. working in a team, understanding how the media works)
    personal development skills (e.g. time management, improving memory)

High Note offers a perfect mix of print and online resources for students and teachers to make the learning journey exciting and successful.

Students can use a Student’s Book with extra digital activities and resources, accompanied by a paper workbook. They can also choose a Student’s Book with Online Practice and extra digital activities and resources, where the workbook is available in the online format, providing interactive activities, instant feedback and automatic grading.

The mobile app comes with both versions and includes access to course audio and videos.


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Издательство Pearson
Артикул (ISBN) 9781292300900
Тип обложки мягкая обложка
Язык English

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