Prism Reading 1 Student's Book with Online Workbook

Student's Book + Online Workbook
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A five-level reading course to help learners develop a range of academic and critical thinking skills to build confidence and prepare for college courses. Captivating readings, videos, academic reading skills, strategies, and development of critical thinking skills in Prism Reading help students become well-rounded thinkers and build confidence to succeed in and outside the classroom.

A wide variety of reading genres in different formats expose and prepare students to understand real-life text they may face in or outside the classroom.
Topics, vocabulary, academic skills and integration of critical thinking skills to build students' confidence and prepare them for college courses were shaped by conversations with teachers at over 500 institutions.

Task-based, collaborative activities extend each reading and video. Students work together to apply new skills and language in fresh, new scenarios, thus engaging more deeply with the academic content and community.

The Online Workbook with one extra reading and additional self-graded activities for each unit, as well as audio and video resources, gives students extra practice and an opportunity to review the videos and listen to reading passages.


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Издательство CUP
Артикул (ISBN) 9781108556194
Количество страниц 168
Формат 253x205 мм
Язык English

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