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Formula B2 First Coursebook and Interactive eBook without Key with Digital Resources


Achieving exam success

Formula enables students to achieve their core aim of passing the relevant Cambridge exam at their desired grade. Formula’s syllabus is based on the exam requirements and created by a team of authors and exam consultants to ensure comprehensive, authentic and rigorous exam preparation and practice.

Formula is designed for classes where most students are preparing for the Cambridge exams - it is suitable for those at level or those looking to improve their level.

Keeping students engaged
Formula takes a fresh, unique approach to organising topics. Each level of the Coursebook is organised around a general theme – senses, colours, numbers. This theme becomes the prism through which a number of different topics are covered from different angles, ensuring the material remains fresh, giving a sense of momentum and maintaining everyone’s interest throughout the course as well as giving a more authentic exam experience.

The most flexible course for Cambridge Exams
Formula offers different teaching and learning paths to create a perfect fit for a range of scenarios – for short and long exam courses, for intensive to extensive exam preparation goals, from face-to face learning to fully online teaching and learning contexts.


Издательство Pearson
Артикул (ISBN) 9781292391427
Тип обложки мягкая обложка
Язык English

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