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Gabriel Clark
Clark and Miller
October 25, 2016 10:00

A place to learn English online

A year ago, my partner and I decided to start up an online teaching company. We noticed that many of the schools out there (both online and in the “real world”) were not offering what people need to get the English they want.

Sometimes the quality of teaching was too low. Sometimes they were obsessed with their own syllabus, which meant that the students couldn't have the personalised attention that they need.

So we started Clark and Miller.

Although we originally planned it to be a basic teaching operation, Clark and Miller now has a lot of free and premium resources and services.

The blog

One of the biggest resources is the free blog. We publish weekly posts which are designed to help you get the English you want as fast and as comfortably as possible.

The posts are usually fun, beautifully illustrated and sometimes a little surreal. They cover various topics like common phrases and idioms, easy hacks for self study and dynamic grammar lessons. They are all designed to be read quickly and to be used immediately.

It's also completely free.

The free eBook

For a while, I was obsessed with memory techniques. I would learn as many as I could and I'd use them as party tricks. I also used them to learn new words (at the time I was studying Russian).

I decided to write a short eBook on how to use these techniques to learn new words. It's called Learn new words 5 times faster and you can get your copy, free, from our site.

One-to-one Skype English lessons

Too many schools and companies out there are just treating English teaching like some kind of factory.

This isn't fair. If you pay good money towards improving your English, you want to make sure that you work with someone who knows what they're doing and can give you the attention you need.

Over my 12 years teaching English, I’d met a small handful of truly excellent teachers. I asked them if they wanted to work for us, and they said, “yes!” They're great people – professional, friendly and know what they're doing.

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