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Grace Li
June 07, 2017 10:00
Live with a Chinese family to learn Chinese

Live with a Chinese family to learn Chinese now is providing unique culture & language exchange programs for young people from all over the globe!

Our home-stay programs are different from others. You do not have to do any kind of work for your host family like cooking, cleaning or washing dishes. Our live with a Chinese family to learn Chinese program means that our students stay at home with a Chinese family. Participants of the program live with the host family, go travelling with them, and join in all kinds of daily life activities. Of course, Home-stay students will have their own room, three meals per day and enough free time to enjoy and explore China on their own. If Home-stay students face any problems or unexpected difficulties, chinaexpat is always keen on solving problems and giving their support to Home-stay students and host families.

In our program, China's families are chosen by a very intensive selection process. Most of the families are very wealthy and educated. They are open to Western culture and will do anything they can to make sure that our program students' stay in China becomes an unique and wonderful memory.

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Sing in
[email protected]
May 17, 2020 16:18
Thank you for share ! This is the best site for learn Chinese at Vietnamese:
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