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Anna Glinkina
Манчестерская Художественная Школа
February 29, 2016 10:00
Libraries in the UK

Libraries in the UK

Libraries in the UK are more than just places where you can borrow a book. They are an important part of the community, hosting family events, art events and many more. As I live in Manchester, I will describe the three most outstanding libraries I came across here.

Manchester is famous for its amazing Public Central Library. The grand building houses 35 miles of shelving with over a million books! It was opened in 1932 and since then welcomed much British talent, including Anthony Burgess, the famous author of the cult classic Clockwork Orange. The library works in close collaboration with the Bridgewater Hall concert venue and arts in the city, hosting many exciting events, where everyone is welcome.

Manchester Metropolitan University Library is uniquely diverse. It has an amazing collection of books, periodicals and digital materials, as well as special Collections,holding unique publications, posters and much more!

To make studying in the library as effective as possible, there are study rooms with computers on each of the 7 floors, group study rooms, state of the art printers and facilities to borrow laptops. Borrowing and returning books is very easy as you just scan the book when taking and return. It is friendly and convenient to use and it is even operating 24/7 (during the term.) Have a look at the short overview.

Apart from Public libraries, Manchester houses one of the oldest independent libraries, that opened in 1806 and still occupies its original and breath taking building in the centre of Manchester – Portico Library. This library holds over 25,000 books from the 16th century to the present day. However old, the Library keeps up-to-date with the contemporary culture, holding regular art residence and exhibitions. Artists are invited to propose a research project to explore the rich collection of special first edition books and then exhibit work relating to their findings. This has included recent Manchester School of Art MA graduate, Helen Wheeler.

Read the article in Russian: Библиотеки в Великобритании.

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