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Anna Glinkina
Манчестерская Художественная Школа
December 21, 2016 10:00
Extra Curriculum

Extra Curriculum

British Universities are not all just about studies. They want to make sure that students have plenty of opportunities to get involved into something they are passionate about, on top of the course. Like sports, games, languages, drawing, singing, drama, etc.

That’s why each University normally has a Students’ Union – an organisation for students, run by students, that helps students have a full and happy life while at University and beyond. Unions run various societies and clubs where students can meet people who share their interests, organise events, protect student’s rights and interests, provide student support.

MMU Students’ Union, for example, has more than 70 societies, including First Love, Gardening, Breakdance, Karting. Societies regularly meet socially and, depending on the interest, organise specific activities – competitions, lessons, volunteering, etc. If you can’t find your own passion among the existing societies, you can always start your own and invite other students to join.

MMU has over 150 sport clubs (across two campuses), including Male and Female Football and Rugby, Swimming, Dance, Mountaineering, Equestrian. You can also start your own club if you can’t find your sport. Sport usually is taken seriously, clubs organise proper tournaments and enter national competitions with other Universities.

Student's Union is also a place. MMU is proud of its brand new Union building, home to a bar, pub, shop, advice centre, event space and various other student essentials. It is also where you’ll find full-time student officers who are elected each year by the student body to run the Union and represent the its interests locally and nationally.

In the beginning of each study year, the Union organises a Fresher’s Fair, where new students can meet the societies and clubs and learn about what they do. Here they can also join the societies.

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