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школа Тип-Топ, г. Севастополь
May 25, 2016 10:00

5 tips to make your lesson brighter

What should we do at our English lessons? We as teachers think that we should practice vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading and speaking. However, our students’ intention is to have fun, to communicate to their friends, to be understood. Here are some tools to combine teachers’ and students’ visions of the lesson.

1. An essential part of the lesson is warming up, when students have a chance to speak about their mood, news and plans. They are rarely asked about at other school subjects. This kind of warming up creates friendly atmosphere and is a key to practice desired grammar structures etc.

2. Another important issue is their constant attention. A lot of exercises from a textbook can be easily presented in the form of cards, ppt slides, or even written on a balloon. Students have great fun walking around the class, searching for smth. Using unusual surfaces could help a lot as students think that they’re having fun, while our aims are reached. Changing of order while checking the tasks or grouping while discussing things refreshes students’ class routines.

3. Moreover everything should be visualized and acted out if possible.

4. Social nets could be a great tool as well. The majority of students check their
accounts at least once a day. Asking students to write to you there will raise their motivation!

5. Reading should also be engaging. Reading for pleasure should be easier than reading in the course book. That will give the students the feeling of success. It would be extremely useful to compare the book and the film. A lot of texts about world famous events are followed by videos. We often watch educational BBC news and sing songs.

Like what you do and do what you like!

Тема: Methodology       Теги: Lessons

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