• Exam Success, Marina Baeva (Moscow)

    The way to real success.


    A book “Exam Success” is a real addition to every student’s book of any publishers if you desire to pass the exam in English successfully. In this book there are various exercises which are developing different skills in Listening, Reading, Grammar and Vocabulary, Writing and Speaking. Listening has three parts: Matching, Choosing between three-option answers: TRUE, FALSE, NOT STATED, Choosing one of the three options in multiple choice questions. Reading also has three parts: Matching, Inserting clauses into gaps in a text, Multiple choice questions about a text. Grammar and Vocabulary has three parts, too: Correcting forms grammatically, World building, Multiple-choice cloze. Writing has two parts: Informal letter and Opinion essay. Speaking has three units covering useful skills for RSE Speaking: Monologue and Dialogue. Each unit is divided into two sections which teach general skills and apply these skills to the RSE format. Each chapter ends with suggested approach which is useful to build a strategy in preparing for RSE. Exercises are very interesting for teenagers, because they are close to their lives. They are also interesting for teachers, because they are clear to explain, practice and focus students. In this book mechanisms of modern teaching work completely.


    No shortcomings

  • Очень хорошее пособие

    Для страноведения на начальном этапе обучения - незаменимая книга.


    Достоинство этой книги в том, что Macmillan разработал учебное пособие, которое можно использовать не только при уровне Intermediate и выше (как многие другие пособия), но и на этапе обучения, когда уже знаешь не мало, но еще и не много, а именно Pre-Intermediate. Есть возможность познакомить как детей, так и взрослых с историей, обычаями и традициями страны, язык которой они изучают. Книга оформлена очень красочно внутри, что позволяет не только читать, но и отвлечься на пару минут и уделить внимание иллюстрациям. Интересные факты выделены отдельным цветом, что тоже очень здорово и познавательно! Но, и конечно, упражнения в конце книги позволяют собрать воедино всю полученную информацию и посмотреть в каком направлении стоит поработать.


    Единственный недостаток, который отмечен, это история Англии. Не смотря на то, что она написана вкратце, все равно получается объемно и для некоторых читателей немного скучно.

  • Отличный подарок

    Отличный подарок как для деток небольшого возраста, так и для взрослых людей, начинающих погружаться в увлекательный мир английского языка.


    Красочный, ярко проиллюстрированный словарь даёт возможность наглядно выучить слова по популярным темам. Интерактивный диск, который дополняет данную книгу, в игровой форме поможет быстро и интересно выучить лексику. Английский в удовольствие - вот главное достоинство пособия! Ребята с интересом работают на уроке. Всегда ждут новой темы для пополнения своего словарного запаса новыми словами.


    недостатков нет.

Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation


There are several options you can choose from when looking for student accommodation in the UK. Most Universities in the UK have their own student accommodation, usually called Student Halls of Residence. Other options are: independent Student Halls that are similar, but not run by a University, and “private sector” – shared houses and apartments provided by private landlords.


Prices obviously differ from city to city, so make sure you research it before choosing where you want to study.


Most often University Halls are separate apartment blocks near campus, with self-catering shared apartments. Students would normally have a private room or en-suit, shared kitchen and social areas. Halls usually have 24/7 security, CCTV, fully equipped kitchens (except kitchenware), wi-fi, TV.

The cost depends on various factors, like: location, size of rooms, additional features, number of people sharing an apartment.


Private Halls are generally very similar to University Halls, and often can be booked through the University as well.


Some students, especially postgraduate, prefer to be a bit more independent and go for private accommodation. This means renting a room in a house or apartment from a private landlord, alongside other students. There are a number of services that help find student accommodation in the UK. My advice would be to only use those, that are approved by your University, and never to use “free” online websites, as there is a considerable chance of fraud.


When choosing an apartment, check how many people will be sharing, make sure they are all students, and obviously, read the contract carefully for terms and conditions.

Some things to pay attention to are:

  • what is covered by insurance,
  • if utility bills are included in the rent
  • contract termination terms (if you decide to move out early)
  • council tax (students are usually exempt from paying it, but good to double check).


Manchester, where I studied, has two major Universities, situated in the very city centre, hence there are plenty of Halls around. To get an idea what Halls are like, have a look at Manchester Metropolitan University Accommodation website, where you can find detailed information on University Halls, their Partner’s accommodation and more tips on finding a student home.

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Anna Glinkina

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