• Exam Success, Marina Baeva (Moscow)

    The way to real success.


    A book “Exam Success” is a real addition to every student’s book of any publishers if you desire to pass the exam in English successfully. In this book there are various exercises which are developing different skills in Listening, Reading, Grammar and Vocabulary, Writing and Speaking. Listening has three parts: Matching, Choosing between three-option answers: TRUE, FALSE, NOT STATED, Choosing one of the three options in multiple choice questions. Reading also has three parts: Matching, Inserting clauses into gaps in a text, Multiple choice questions about a text. Grammar and Vocabulary has three parts, too: Correcting forms grammatically, World building, Multiple-choice cloze. Writing has two parts: Informal letter and Opinion essay. Speaking has three units covering useful skills for RSE Speaking: Monologue and Dialogue. Each unit is divided into two sections which teach general skills and apply these skills to the RSE format. Each chapter ends with suggested approach which is useful to build a strategy in preparing for RSE. Exercises are very interesting for teenagers, because they are close to their lives. They are also interesting for teachers, because they are clear to explain, practice and focus students. In this book mechanisms of modern teaching work completely.


    No shortcomings

  • Очень хорошее пособие

    Для страноведения на начальном этапе обучения - незаменимая книга.


    Достоинство этой книги в том, что Macmillan разработал учебное пособие, которое можно использовать не только при уровне Intermediate и выше (как многие другие пособия), но и на этапе обучения, когда уже знаешь не мало, но еще и не много, а именно Pre-Intermediate. Есть возможность познакомить как детей, так и взрослых с историей, обычаями и традициями страны, язык которой они изучают. Книга оформлена очень красочно внутри, что позволяет не только читать, но и отвлечься на пару минут и уделить внимание иллюстрациям. Интересные факты выделены отдельным цветом, что тоже очень здорово и познавательно! Но, и конечно, упражнения в конце книги позволяют собрать воедино всю полученную информацию и посмотреть в каком направлении стоит поработать.


    Единственный недостаток, который отмечен, это история Англии. Не смотря на то, что она написана вкратце, все равно получается объемно и для некоторых читателей немного скучно.

  • Отличный подарок

    Отличный подарок как для деток небольшого возраста, так и для взрослых людей, начинающих погружаться в увлекательный мир английского языка.


    Красочный, ярко проиллюстрированный словарь даёт возможность наглядно выучить слова по популярным темам. Интерактивный диск, который дополняет данную книгу, в игровой форме поможет быстро и интересно выучить лексику. Английский в удовольствие - вот главное достоинство пособия! Ребята с интересом работают на уроке. Всегда ждут новой темы для пополнения своего словарного запаса новыми словами.


    недостатков нет.

Primorye: a unique part of Russia

Primorye: a unique part of Russia

Primorye is one of the most beautiful and wonderful parts of Russia, where the sun rises earlier than in other parts, where you can find bridges that have changed the look of the city Zolotoy and Russky, where one of rarest species of the world’s fauna – the Amur tiger live.

Activity 1. Symbols of Primorye (p. 21)


There are several symbols of Primorye: Vladivostok bridges, ginseng, tiger, right-hand drive and sea cucumber.

You can compare these symbols with symbols of your town or city and with symbols of English-speaking countries.

For example: UK-flag Union Jack, national animals – lion and bulldog, national anthem – God saves the Queen.

Activity 2. Sea specialties. Sea food is a trademark of the region (pp.24-25)


Ask your students to find other regions in the world that can be compared with variety of seafood in Primorye.

Activity 3. Vladivostok bridges (p.51)


Explore the information about three Vladivostok Bridges and compare with the information about Tower Bridge in London and Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

  • Tower Bridge was built between 1886 and 1894.
  • The bridge combines elements of a suspension bridge design with elements of a bascule bridge design. It has two towers linked by two walkways and suspended sections to either side of the towers, stretching towards the banks of the Thames.
  • Tower Bridge was designed by Sir Horace Jones, the City Architect.
  • The central span of the bridge can be raised to allow ships to pass.
  • More than 400 workers helped to build the bridge and over 70000 tons of concrete were was sunk to the bed of the River Thames to suport the bridge.
  • Tower Bridge is 244 metres long and each tower is 65 metres high.
  • The pedestrian walkways are over 40 metres above the river when it’s at high tide.
  • Over 40000 people use Tower Bridge every day.
  • River traffic takes priority over bridge users, but you must give 24 hours notice if you need the bascules to be raised to allow your ship to pass. They are raised more than 1000 times a year.
  • During the celebrations to mark the 2012 Olympic Games being held in London a massive set of Olympic Rings was displayed on Tower Bridge.


The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate strait, the one-mile-wide (1.6 km), three-mile-long (4.8 km) channel between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The structure links the American city of San Francisco, California – the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula – to Marin County, carrying both U.S. Route 101 and California State Route 1 across the strait. The bridge is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco, California, and the United States. It has been declared one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The Frommers travel guide describes the Golden Gate Bridge as "possibly the most beautiful, certainly the most photographed, bridge in the world." It opened in 1937 and was, until 1964, the longest suspension bridge main span in the world, at 4,200 feet (1,300 m). Source: Wikipedia

You can download images of the bridges and compare and contrast them, you can also work with different kinds of texts like text from guide book, text from the Internet, text from encyclopedia.

It gives the students an opportunity to compare different sources of information.

Activity 4. Vladivostok’s pride: Pallada and Nadezhda frigates. (p.59)


This activity is aimed to working at figures.

You can ask your students to find information about Cutty Sark, a famous British clipper, if the information is in Russian; it’s a good idea for translation.

Seven little known facts about the Cutty Sark:

November 22nd marks the celebration of the Cutty Sark’s official launch. Over its 143-year history, the Cutty Sark has been through some ordeals. And there are probably at least a few facts you don’t know about this famous vessel. So we’re here to sort that out.

First launched on the 22th November 1869, the Cutty Sark is the world’s last surviving tea clipper. It’s kind of a big deal. (In England anyway…)

With its home in the Greenwich UNESCO World Heritage site, the Cutty Sark has been through some rough times. After getting some money from the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2006, things took a terrible turn when in 2007 a fire devasted the historic ship. Many thought that salvage was impossible. But good fortune prevailed and the ship was reopened to the public on April 25th 2012. Hurrah!

With over 143 years of life behind her, there’s probably no end to the stories that surround the Cutty Sark. So we thought we’d list the top seven facts about this amazing ship.

  1. The Cutty Sark is probably most well known for transporting tea from China to London in the 1800s. But that’s not all she carried. In the 1880s, the Cutty Sark transported wool from Australia on a regular basis. And she quickly became known around the world for being rather speedy. Using high wind speeds along the route from Australia (called the roaring trades by sailors) the Cutty Sark set a record time of 73 days making the journey from Sydney to London.
  2. In 1916, during the First World War, the Cutty Sark (which was actually renamed the Ferreira after being sold to a Portuguese company in 1895) was caught in a terrible storm and lost her masts. She managed to find her way to a port in South Africa for repairs, but unfortunately there was a shortage of masts and sails. So at this point they had to make do with what they had. The ship was then re-rigged as a smaller-masted, slower barquentine.
  3. In 1922 the Cutty Sark suffered even more damage when she got caught in a Channel Gale and damaged once again. This time the ship called at Falmouth for repairs. Whilst waiting for the work to be completed wily Windjammer captain named Captain Wildred Dowman spotted the ship and recognized it as one he had trained on many years before. Upon seeing the Cutty Sark, Dowman decided he had to buy her back from the Portuguese (by this time the Cutty Sark had been sold again, and was now named the Maria do Amparo). He followed the ship back to Portugal, found the owner and negotiated a good deal. The Cutty Sark then made it’s way back to Falmouth.
  4. 1938 was the last year that the Cutty Sark went to sea. Moving from Falmouth to Greenhithe, Kent, the ship was used as a training vessel for officers in the Royal and Merchant Navies. Many say that the ship was a vital part of the officers’ training in the run up to the Second World War.
  5. What does Cutty Sark even mean? Well a cutty-sark is actually apparently a lowland Scots term for a short shrift, which was a piece of Victorian underwear called a short shrift. Nobody really knows why the Cutty Sark is called by that name. But one theory is that the original owner of the vessel, John “Jock” Willis named her after a poem by Robert Burns called Tam O’Shanter. In the poem a witch called Nannie wears a cutty-sark while stealing the tail of a horse. It is thought that Willis may have been thinking of the way the poem describes Nannie, who flies through the air with her cutty sark billowing behind her when he named the ship becase he wanted it to be known as the fastest ship on the seas. It’s only a theory. But it’s a really good one.
  6. Cutty Sark is also the name of a whiskey. In 1923 a couple of famous London wine merchants, the Berry Brothers & Rudd were having a meeting to talk about the US whiskey market. Despite it still being Prohibition era, the merchants were sure that alcohol would soon be flowing freely and so they decided to make a whiskey that would suit American taste buds. At the time, the biggest story in the news was about the miraculous return of the Cutty Sark to Britain. So what better name for the merchants to call their brand new whiskey?
  7. It is widely believed that steamships brought the tea clipper era to an end. But actually that’s not technically true. It wasn’t steam ships that destroyed the tea clipper business, but the Suez Canal. The Mediterranean was not really suitable for large sailing vessels, and they just couldn’t cope with the canal or find enough wind in the Red Sea. So to reach China, Clippers would have to go around the Horn of Africa, whereas steamships could take the much quicker Suez Canal route. And so the great clippers were put to rest. But, what a journey. Source: Wikipedia

История судна

Создание «Катти Сарк»

Клипер был спроектирован Геркулесом Линтоном (Hercules Linton), построен и спущен на реку Клайд (Clyde) 23 ноября 1869 года в шотландском городе Дамбартон (Dumbarton) компанией Scott & Linton по заказу капитана Джона «Джока» Уиллиса (John Willis), имевшего прозвище «Белый цилиндр». Капитану требовался самый быстрый корабль в мире для перевозки чая из Китая.

Конструктивно это был композитный корабль: железный набор, покрытый деревянной обшивкой. Обшивка выше ватерлинии — из тика, ниже ватерлинии — из особой породы вяза — ильма Томаса. Днище судна ниже ватерлинии было обшито пластинами из сплава меди и цинка (так называемый мюнц-металл).

История названия

В переводе с шотландского скотс «Cutty Sark» — «Короткая рубашка». Происхождение названия неясно. По одним сообщениям, Джон Уиллис назвал клипер по картине, изображающей летящую молодую ведьму в короткой ночной рубашке. По другой версии, капитан собирался назвать клипер «Морская ведьма» («Sea Witch»), но оказалось, что под этим именем уже зарегистрирован другой корабль. И тогда он выбрал название скотс Cutty-Sark — прозвище молодой и привлекательной ведьмы, героини поэмы Роберта Бёрнса «Тэм О’Шентер»(скотс «Tam O’Shanter»). По сюжету, ведьма гонится за Томом и в последний момент хватает его кобылу за хвост. Носовая фигура клипера изображает ведьму в короткой рубашке, вытянувшую руку вперед, с зажатым в ней пучком конского волоса.

Причина известности

Клипер использовался для доставки чая из Китая, в то время представлявшей собой беспощадную конкурентную гонку вокруг Африки из Китая в Лондон. Призом в этой гонке была существенная разница в прибыли, получаемая тем, кто привозил первый чай нового урожая. В этой гонке «Катти Сарк» не выделялась ничем особенным. Известность ей принесло состязание на скорость с клипером «Фермопилы» в 1872 году. Оба клипера одновременно вышли из Шанхая 18 июня, однако через две недели «Катти Сарк» в буре потеряла руль и капитан Моуди удерживал клипер по ветру во время бури с помощью плавучего якоря, пока на борту мастерили запасной руль. Работа длилась восемь суток, поскольку яростный шторм не прекращался. Судовой плотник собрал брусья, скрепил их скобами, которые сам выковал. Кузницу разбили на палубе, по которой гуляли волны. Один раз опрокинулся горн, и сын капитана, который раздувал мехи, едва успел отскочить в сторону, увертываясь от раскалённых углей. На следующий день кузнецу чуть не снесло голову раскалённым железным брусом. Имя этого человека — Генри Гендерсон — осталось в анналах британского мореплавания. В результате этого Катти Сарк прибыла в Лондон на неделю позже «Фермопил» — 18 октября, затратив на путешествие 122 дня. Тем не менее, клипер навсегда вошёл в историю благодаря тому, что после аварии капитан не сдался, а принял решение продолжить гонку, соорудив импровизированный руль в открытом море (вместо того чтобы сойти с дистанции на ремонт в порт), и при этом отстал всего на одну неделю.

Конец истории

В итоге клиперы были вытеснены пароходами, которые хотя и были по тем временам медленнее, но обеспечивали стабильные поставки чая через открывшийся Суэцкий канал. После этого «Катти Сарк» отлично зарекомендовала себя на перевозках шерсти из Австралии, добираясь до Англии за 67 дней. Утверждается,[ что в свои лучшие времена она могла пройти 360 морских миль за сутки, что может считаться рекордом для судов такого размера. Source: Wikipedia

Activity 5.  Vladivostok Rocks (p.73) 


This activity is aimed to three Ws, it means What? Where? When?

It leads to guided speaking activity without much effort.

You can compare it with Glastonbury Festival in Britain and Нашествие in Russia.

Since its beginning in 1970, Glastonbury has steadily got bigger and bigger over the past 43 years, starting with 1500, and now currently draws over 170,000 to Pilton in Somerset each summer for a celebration of music, art, and culture.

1979: Grown to a three day event, Eavis raised funds for this by securing a bank loan against the deeds to his farm. Peter Gabriel was one of the headliners. However, unfortunately the festival was a huge financial loss and thus 1980 there was no Glastonbury. But it was back in 1981 with 'proper management'!

1982: This year Glastonbury Festival was involved with the Mid-Somerset and Western Region 'Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament'. To deter an anti CND plane, Festival organiser Michael Eavis aimed a £70 firework at it, in order to chase it away. There was also the festival's first laser light show was backed by backed Tubeway Army's iconic 'Are Friends Electric'.

1985: The festival was now so big that it took over neighbouring land on Cockmill Farm, to add another 100 acres. It was also hit with seriously bad weather. However Michael Eavis, said he was pleased that "we have had the mud bath and proved we can still cope with the conditions." This is just as well, for there have been several mud-filled festivals since.

1993: Lenny Kravitz stepped in to the headline slot when confirmed performers Red Hot Chili Peppers failed to turn up.

2008: This was a rare year where tickets didn't sell out within hours. However, a last minute boost in the weather was followed by a surge in ticket sales to ensure a sellout festival. Jay-Z performed, and was received well, despite early criticisms that 'rap didn't have a place at Glastonbury.'

2009: As the death of Michael Jackson broke, the entire festival paid homage to the King of Pop. Lily Allen performed wearing a white glove.

2011: The popularity of the festival is seen most clearly in that gates opened two days before the main stage kicked off. Jessie J plays with a broken foot, and Beyonce headlines.

2016: All the tickets for this year's festival sold out in 25 minutes. This compares with one hour 27 minutes for the 2014 festival, and one hour 40 minutes for the 2013 festival.

Официальное открытие НАШЕСТВИЯ-2016 состоится 8-го июля в 18-00, когда на «Главную сцену» легендарного open-air выйдет группа, которая в диссонанс своему названию вызывает шквалы эмоций миллионов своих поклонников, – неповторимый «Сплин»!

Команда бессменного лидера группы Александра Васильева отыграет большой полноценный концертный сет, который задаст тон всему НАШЕСТВИЮ и плеснет первую порцию адреналина в кровь сотен тысяч зрителей.

Самых нетерпеливых гостей фестиваля, а также тех, кто решит приехать накануне, ждет последняя перед летними каникулами программа «Воздух» с Михаилом Марголисом. Запись программы НАШЕго Радио состоится прямо на «Главной сцене» 7 июля в 22:00. Гостем Михаила станет ансамбль мотологической музыки «Тайм-Аут». Сам фестиваль распахнет свои двери в четверг 7 июля после 19-00.

Для того, чтобы гости НАШЕСТВИЯ вовремя успели на фестиваль и не пропустили зрелищное официальное открытие, в период с 8 по 10 июля будут запущены дополнительные электрички до станции «Конаковский Мох», платформа которой на данный момент уже полностью отремонтирована!

Все варианты и способы того, как добраться до фестиваля, описаны на официальном сайте НАШЕСТВИЯ, на котором позже появится расписание с дополнительными электричками.

Не пропусти возможность стать зрителем более 80-ти лучших музыкальных коллективов страны, 40 часов живой музыки, 4 320 минут непрерывного драйва и 500 кВТ пронизывающего звучания!

Activity 6.  Higher education in Primorye (p.91)  Far Eastern Federal University


You can explore the information about FEFU and find more about famous universities around the world Moscow State University, Oxford and Cambridge Universities in Britain and Harvard University in the USA.

Oxford at a glance

  • There are over 22,600 students at Oxford, including 11,603 undergraduates and 10,499 postgraduates.
  • In the 2015 National Student Survey, 91% of Oxford students said they were satisfied with the quality of their course, compared to a national average of 86%.
  • Oxford has one of the lowest drop-out rates in the UK: figures published in 2015 by the Higher Education Statistics Agency show that only 1.6% of Oxford students dropped out, compared with the national average of 7%.
  • Over 95% of Oxford leavers are employed or in further study six months after graduating.
  • Every year there are almost 20,000 enrolments on courses at the Department for Continuing Education, making Oxford University one of the largest providers of continuing education in the UK.
  • The University, including the colleges and Oxford University Press, is the largest employer in Oxfordshire, supporting around 17,000 jobs and injecting more than £750 million annually into the regional economy.

The University of Cambridge (informally Cambridge University or simply Cambridge) is a collegiate public research university in CambridgeEngland. Founded in 1209, Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world's fourth-oldest surviving university. The university grew out of an association of scholars who left the University of Oxford after a dispute with the townspeople. The two ancient universities share many common features and are often referred to jointly as "Oxbridge".

Cambridge is formed from a variety of institutions which include 31 constituent colleges and over 100 academic departments organised into six schools Cambridge University Press, a department of the university, is the world's oldest publishing house and the second-largest university press in the world. The university also operates eight cultural and scientific museums, including the Fitzwilliam Museum, and a botanic gardenCambridge's libraries hold a total of around 15 million books, eight million of which are in Cambridge University Library, a legal deposit library.

In the year ended 31 July 2015, the university had a total income of £1.64 billion, of which £397 million was from research grants and contracts. The central university and colleges have a combined endowment of around £5.89 billion, the largest of any university outside the United States.] The university is closely linked with the development of the high-tech business cluster known as "Silicon Fen". It is a member of numerous associations and forms part of the "golden triangle" of leading English universities and Cambridge University Health Partners, an academic health science centre.

Cambridge is consistently ranked as one of the world's best universities. The university has educated many notable alumni, including eminent mathematicians, scientists, politicians, lawyers, philosophers, writers, actors, and foreign Heads of State. Ninety-two Nobel laureates and ten Fields medalists have been affiliated with Cambridge as students, faculty, staff or alumnierous? Source: Wikipedia

Activity 7. Fugu: to eat or not to eat (p.106) 


Have you tried fugu?

Do you think it’s dangerous?

Who can cook this fish?

Activity 8. Lotus land (p.111)


Explore the lotus land in Primorye and find more about lotus land in Astrakhan.


Activity 9. Amur Tiger (p. 239)


Find the information about the largest tiger in the world.

You can start the discussion with the question: What is the punishment for killing a tiger?

Each section of this page is valuable: the information, interesting f acts and comparison between the Amur tiger and the African lion.

Activity 10. The blurb of the page, a set of pictures.

After doing all these activities, you can ask your students looking at the pictures what you have learned about Primorye.


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